Unlocking the Potential of Transformational Coaching: Five Ways to Ensure a Positive and Powerful Impact Part One

Had an eye-opening conversation with a middle-school principal this week. A highly effective and innovative leader, this principal had been a rock-star instructional coach in a well-regarded Texas charter system prior to moving into the principalship in a North Texas school district at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year. Principal Navarro (not her real name) became frustrated that the instructional coaches on her campus—trained … Continue reading Unlocking the Potential of Transformational Coaching: Five Ways to Ensure a Positive and Powerful Impact Part One

Imagine a Culture of Learning

Imagine the world of learning that we want for our students. We envision classrooms and schools where scholars experience: Learning driven by agency and autonomy Deep critical thinking and problem-solving Self-reflective and self-aware development of emotional and social intelligence Collaborative interaction with others Creative expression Curiosity and imagination Innovation and entrepreneurialism These “dispositions,” Ron Ritchhart writes, cannot be directly taught or tested, but must be … Continue reading Imagine a Culture of Learning

Learning Our Way to Excellence

Wonderful experience co-presenting with my colleague, Donna Micheaux, at the 2016 Learning Forward Conference in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.  We facilitated a two-hour session with senior educational leaders from the U.S. and Canada in an interactive session designed to help leaders create an authentic system of learning of their schools and districts. We shared our theory of action:  When the learning for adults in the system … Continue reading Learning Our Way to Excellence

Leaders’ Emotions Are Contagious (Hint: Do Not Go to Cabo San Lucas)

Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren always read the sports section of the newspaper first. Sports, he believed, were about human accomplishment while the front page underscored human dysfunction. I agree and follow that order of newspaper reading with sports first.

Thus, I was intrigued by the recent Dallas Morning News article in which Kevin Sherrington posed the question of whether we should be worried about Dak Prescott’s focus during the Cowboys bye week. We shouldn’t be, Sherrington writes. Of course, we can’t think about a Cowboys’ bye week before a playoff game without traveling back to 2007 when Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson spent a long weekend in Cabo San Lucas… Continue reading Leaders’ Emotions Are Contagious (Hint: Do Not Go to Cabo San Lucas)

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The Neuroscience of Leadership

The Neuroscience of Leadership Why do coaches need great EQ? Why do leaders? What can neuroscience teach us about coaching and leadership? Last spring in the intermediate coaching class that I teach at SMU, we dove deeply into “brain-wise” coaching, coming to understand that—as Jenny Rogers, author of one of our texts, notes—good coaching grounds itself in the limbic system, the emotional center of the … Continue reading The Neuroscience of Leadership

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Nested Learning

Last night in the graduate coaching class that I teach at SMU–our last class of the semester–we were discussing school reform topics and what the “outward” and “inward” work was for each.  One student remarked that she felt that it all came down to teachers modeling what we want to develop in our students–curiosity, emotional intelligence, creativity, etc. This resonates with me.  When I was … Continue reading Nested Learning