About Jennifer Parvin, Ph. D.

Jennifer Parvin PhotoExperience and education have brought me to the peak of my professional abilities making me uniquely qualified to serve as a thought leader and a scholar-practitioner in the field of educational and organizational effectiveness.

I began my career teaching English as a Second Language to Southeast Asian students.  I served as a department chair and then moved into a campus leadership role, working at both elementary and secondary levels.  As a campus principal in a large urban district, our school functioned as a highly effective professional learning community and this led to significant gains in student achievement.

I moved from the campus to the central office in order to develop a leadership academy for aspiring principals.  I led a team that developed a system–based on national best practices–of training and support for principals at different career stages and with diverse campus needs.

I have a B.A. in English and History, an M.A. in English and an M.S. and Ph. D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. These diverse areas of study–Humanities and Leadership–have given me an inclusive and comprehensive view of educational and organizational effectiveness.

International Coach Federation training and experience allows me to serve as a powerful thinking partner and executive coach to leaders.

My passion is developing and deepening excellent leaders at all levels in the organization. My theory of action is:  When the learning for adults in the system mirrors the learning we desire for students, we will have powerfully effective leaders of learning and rigorous, engaging and equitable schools.  (Theory of Action developed with my friend and colleague, Dr. Donna Micheaux.)

Professional Qualities and Strengths

  • Experienced Executive Coach and Leadership Developer
  • Systems Thinker 
  • Skilled Facilitator of Strategic Planning to Enhance Organizational Focus and Health
  • Highly Effective Facilitation and Presentation Skills
  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  • Strongly Committed to Equity and Excellence