Learning Our Way to Excellence

Wonderful experience co-presenting with my colleague, Donna Micheaux, at the 2016 Learning Forward Conference in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.  We facilitated a two-hour session with senior educational leaders from the U.S. and Canada in an interactive session designed to help leaders create an authentic system of learning of their schools and districts.

We shared our theory of action:  When the learning for adults in the system mirrors the learning we desire for students, we will have powerfully effective leaders of learning in our schools and engaging and equitable learning for our students.Learning Forward 2016 Conference.

We began with this question:  “What is the quality of learning for adults in your system?”  This evoked quite a rich conversation with many of the leaders saying that they had not previously spent much time intentionally thinking about that question.  We discussed the mindset, skillset and tools to develop a culture that promotes vivid learning for adults and students alike.

Learning Forward Vancouver 2016