Developing School Leaders: Coaching and Support for Principals and Campuses

canstockphoto12542558 - Version 3My primary work is with educational leaders–principals, teacher leaders, assistant and associate principals and senior school district leaders–who understand that in order to deeply impact their schools and districts, effective leaders must spend their time doing what truly matters.

The technical aspects of school leadership are important. Budgets, logistics, master schedules and other operational components must be done and done correctly. The adaptive aspects of leadership, those causing and requiring cognitive shifts and interpersonal / intrapersonal growth, such as developing the capacity to authentically impact learning, are vital. Adaptive leadership is needed for schools and districts wanting exponential growth in capacity and results.

  • Building and maintaining structures and systems for learning
  • Building and maintaining structures and systems to ensure healthy student and staff culture
  • Developing capacity for effective teaching and teacher leadership
  • Developing leadership capacity in all members of the community
  • Managing time/tasks/information to maximize resources spent on what’s most important

Having been a school principal–and a developer of school principals–I am able to serve as a “thinking partner” with school leaders in order to generate solutions and action plans, as well as to reflect on and refine the work.

I am available for one or multiple day leadership development, team building and strategic planning sessions, as well as on-going executive coaching and leadership development throughout the school year.

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