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Nested Learning

Last night in the graduate coaching class that I teach at SMU–our last class of the semester–we were discussing school reform topics and what the “outward” and “inward” work was for each.  One student remarked that she felt that it all came down to teachers modeling what we want to develop in our students–curiosity, emotional intelligence, creativity, etc.

This resonates with me.  When I was a principal, I came to the conclusion that our students would never be MORE excited about learning than we, the adults, were. This is why it is so important for all educators to consistently, relentlessly take a learning stance.

The relationship that we want teachers to have with their students–facilitators of a community of learners–is also the relationship that principals must have with teachers–active promoters of professional learning communities.  School districts must also function as learning organizations and view campuses as the central focus of learning.