Teaching Thinkers

canstockphoto12542558 - Version 3Living in the space between scholar and practitioner leads to powerful conversations that engage both theory and practice.  This creative tension facilitates a rich environment for teaching and learning.

Teaching at SMU

I have been teaching in SMU’s Master of Liberal Studies program since January 2015.  The classes I teach are:

  • Ensuring Success for All Learners:  Coaching Concepts and Practices for Educational Leaders
  • Closing the Gap Between Potential and Performance:  Coaching for Individual and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Transforming Our Educational DNA:  Thinking Creatively, Critically and Reflectively About Education in the U.S.
  • Living Systems:  Understanding Organizational Dynamics
  • Coaching as a Catalyst for Positive Change:  Creating An Everyone Culture
  • Coaching by Design:  Applied Learning for Educational and Organizational Leaders