Transforming School Systems: Consulting Services for Educational Organizations

canstockphoto12542558 - Version 3Leadership matters.

“Change leaders must sharpen our vision outward, seeing more deeply into the organizations we are trying to improve.
We also need to sharpen our vision inward, seeing more deeply into ourselves, and the ways we must change, as well.”
Tony Wagner, Change Leadership

School principals are key levers for educational achievement because they create and shape the campus structures and culture where great teaching and learning happens. Given the strategic importance of campus leaders for educational achievement, school districts must actively build and maintain a robust principal pipeline.

With experience and education focused on developing school leaders, I can help you answer critical questions regarding your district’s principal development system and assist you in taking action to ensure highly effective school leadership:

  • How are you identifying and recruiting potential school leaders?
  • How does your system support new principals?
  • What is the best model for training aspiring campus leaders?
  • How are you differentiating professional learning for campus leaders who are at various career stages and who are leading different types of campuses?

I am able to help district leaders “sort through the clutter and find the best route” and my ability to focus on critical issues allows me to generate powerful solutions. As an excellent developer of both systems and of people, I understand that a leader’s most critical job is to build a system–both structures and culture–within which people do their best, and most impactful, work. The true test of a leader is how many leaders s/he develops. I can help districts ensure that their leadership pipeline is powerful and productive.