Leading When the Path Isn’t Clear

Funded by The Wallace Foundation

The teaching and learning landscape has dramatically changed in schools and districts across the country. Leaders on the front lines are making decisions that impact teachers, support staff, parents, and students. Engage with superintendents and principals as they share their experiences and the leadership lessons learned while navigating in uncharted territory. Learn how they are working hard to ensure all students have access to a high-quality educational experience in spite of a not-so-clear path.

Invited guests include: Dr. Jill Baker, superintendent (Long Beach Unified School District, CA); Dr. Joseph McFarland, superintendent (Derry Township, PA); Dr. Calvin Watts, superintendent (Kent School District, WA); Dr. Kenneth Salim, superintendent (Cambridge Public Schools, MA); and Steven D. Holmes (Sunnyside Unified School District, AZ); Paul Kelly, 2019 NASSP National Principal of the Year finalist (Township High School District 214, IL); Dr. Crystal Cooper, principal (Gwinnett County Public Schools, GA); and the 2021 NASSP National Principal of the Year.

Donna Micheaux, Learning Forward (dwmicheaux@comcast.net)
Rochelle Herring, The Wallace Foundation (rherring@wallacefoundation.org)
Jennifer Parvin, Parvin and Associates Coaching and Consulting (jlparvin12@gmail.com)